On Sept. 29, 1999
, avid cyclist Brad Gorman lost his life, hit by an uninsured teenage driver while riding on the Catalina Highway.

Brad’s mother, Jean M. Gorman, was determined that his death would not be just another statistic. As a result of her efforts and a galvanized bicycling community, plus strong support from the Pima County and City of Tucson transportation departments, the Brad P. Gorman Memorial Bikeway Fund helps with projects that make Tucson’s roads and streets safer. Those projects include establishing bike lanes and paths and educating both motorists and cyclists on sharing the road. It has provided bikes for kids, bumper stickers, light kits and classroom educational materials.

The Brad Fund was instrumental in getting the Arizona Legislature to enact a law drafted by Matt Zoll of Pima County requiring automobiles to give bicyclists three feet of space when they pass.

On Nov. 5, cyclists, family members, community leaders and friends will join in dedication ceremonies for the Brad P. Gorman Memorial Bikeway, a bike lane that runs the length of the highway from Tanque Verde Road to the base of Mt. Lemmon. The bikeway was scheduled to be completed in October.

The ceremonies, which will be at the northwest corner of Tanque Verde Road and Catalina Highway, will begin at 9 a.m., and will include food and giveaways. At 9:15, cyclists are invited to come along on a dedication ride along the bikeway.

Hosted by the Pima County Department of Transportation, ceremony special guests include the Gormans and Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll.

Gorman said community support has been heartwarming.

“We’ve had so many supporters, people who give donations at our events, and people who come by and throw in a twenty and say, ‘Thanks so much, keep up the good work,’” said Gorman. “We’ve had wonderful regular supporters.”
The completion of the bikeway is by no means the end of the efforts of the Brad Fund, Gorman added. “So much remains to be done,” she said.

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