Bisbee Loop
February 17 - February 20, 2006

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February 17
Day One - Friday
Tucson to Benson

Started in Tucson and headed for our first stop, Vail.  In the group, from the left, we have Alicia, Juanita, Tom, Marlene, and Karen. 
Alicia and Juanita (aka the Juanita Sisters) stayed with us for only the first leg of the tour, as they had to get ready to ride around the world to raise money for charity through Aspire to Inspire.

Here are the sisters, leaving us in Vail.  Interesting to note...Juanita, the Stoker, is blind, yet they were brave enough to ride around the world.  Goodbye Sisters.

The three remaining members of the team continued on and the weather took a turn for the worse.  The winds were so strong that we had to stop at an I-10 overpass between Vail and Benson and take shelter....

While we waited for someone to come and give us a ride the rest of the way.  :-) 
By the time we went to eat and got to the observatory (our first night's lodging), it was already getting dark.

February 18
Day Two - Saturday
to Bisbee

We had a restful night at the observatory but I guess we were feeling a little blurry in the morning as Kathleen, our cook, served us breakfast in the enclosed viewing deck.

The observatory itself is very impressive, it has several telescopes, and a roof that slides open for indoor/outdoor viewing.  And its location makes it ideal for stargazing.

Here are Karen and Marlene trying to use some telescopes to look into people's living rooms.

Here are Tom and Marlene at the Horseshoe Cafe, where we had dinner the night before.  This is in fabulous downtown Benson, and on our way out of town.

We couldn't leave without having our picture taken in front of the mural at the Saddle and Blanket Company.
I wonder if we can join in the wagon train with our bicycles?  Hmmm.

Our next stop was the beautiful Holy Trinity Monastery.  If you are ever in the area, it's really worth stopping in. 
Here, Marlene and Karen are pretending this statue is the wooden Mary statue from The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd.

Another interesting sight at the monastery...

By the time we reached our destination for the day, Bisbee, it was getting dark, so we walked to a store closeby where they sell ready-made dinners and had a delicious hot meal. 
The name of that store is the Mimosa Market.

February 19
Day Three - Sunday
Bisbee to Sonoita

Day three began beautifully, as you can see from this picture.


Day One
February 17
Day Two
February 18
Day Three
February 19
Day Four
February 20
From - To
Tucson to Benson
Departure is from Marlene's house (details in Tom's email)
Benson to Bisbee
(via Tombstone)
Bisbee to Sonoita
Sonoita to Tucson
46 Miles
47 Miles
54 Miles
65 Miles
Motel 6
Skywatcher's Inn
Map to Skywatcher's Inn
Audrey's Inn
Copper Queen Hotel
Gadsen Hotel
Bisbee Grand Hotel
Hotel La Moor
Canyon Rose Suites
Jack's House in Bisbee
Sonoita Inn
Tucson | Benson
To Do
San Pedro Valley Arts & Historical Museum Benson
Benson Historic Walking Tour (beginning at Railroad Depot)
Benson Chamber of Commerce
Holy Trinity Monastery
Stufff in Tombstone
Stuff in Bisbee
Cafe Roka (thanks Josh)
Stuff in Sonoita

Map of Route, c/o Tom.  Thanks Tom!
Click here for the packing list, also c/o Tom.  :-)
A link to a map with Traffic Closures and Restrictions

Packing List


Rack on bike
Any special tools particular to your bike
Patch kit
Spare tubes (2)
Water bottles
Spare tire (or at least some tire boots just in case
the tire is damaged)
Spare spokes (2-4)
Light weight lock and cable
Basic headlight and blinky light
Make sure your bike is in good mechanical condition
Couple of Cliff or Power Bars

Clothing (bike)

Tights (1)
Jerseys (2)
Bike Shorts (2)
Polypropelene long underwear (top (2) and bottom (1))
Wind/Rain jacket
Fleece vest/jacket
Cycling shoes
Toe covers
Gloves (long finger and cycling)
Head protection (ear warmer, skull cap, or balaclava)

Clothing (off bike)

Light pair camping pants/zip off shorts
Undies, if you wear them
Night shirt (for Marlene and Karen)


Fanny sack (optional)
Batteries for lights
Cell Phone
Charger for Cell
Ear plugs
Travel alarm
Anything not listed that you know you need

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