Rocky Mountain Way
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Day One

Arrived at Tom's at 9:00 p.m.  We got on bikes and rode to Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company. 
After dinner, we rode bikes to the Hot Spring Pool...the world's largest, then continued along the Rio Grande Trail for a couple miles.

Day Two

Rode bikes on the Rio Grande trail again, this time to Basalt, which is about 20 miles from Glenwood Springs. 
Since this trail was previously a railroad line, the elevation is very gentle, as shown here (out and back). 

Here's Tom on the trail in a big dentist's mirror.

Stopped off for breakfast at The Village Smithy in Carbondale.  This is our waitress, Diane.
Turns out that Diane and Tom have a friend or two in common.

Continuing on after breakfast, always happy to see a "No Motor Vehicles" sign.

Stopped at a sporting goods store and met this lil guy...awww, he really didn't want his picture taken but obliged us anyway.
I wonder if he's related to this little angel.

Liz, this Mondrianesque tribute is for you.

Came across a cool sculpture and so tried to honor it with a pose.  Maybe someday I will be able to do what the master does. 
Namaste, Jenn.

Below, heading back to Glenwood Springs.  Pretty as a postcard.

Went out for dinner that night and on our way to the restaurant, we were greeted by some cool kids sitting on their balcony. 
They invited us to hang out with them.  Here are Matt, Trina, and Eric.

And here's Matt with Kim

Day Three

Rode along the Colorado River trail.

We heard this was not a great year for Aspen foliage, but these trees are pretty anyway.

Day Four

Rode bikes from Aspen to Maroon Lake.  Short ride, but significant climb. 
Here's the elevation profile for out and back.

Awww, mommy and baby marmots might be crossing.

And here's a cavewoman!

Tom and Karen at Maroon Bells Mountains (see, they look like bells).  There is snow on them.
Maroon Lake at the left.

Got back to town and next went white water rafing. 
Our guide, Rick, was from Tucson!  He took this picture of us before the journey.

And here we are on, and sometimes in, the Colorado, paddling for our lives.  ;-)

Day Five

Went into town to do some shopping.  Wanted to buy a shirt at this new hotdog restaurant, but no luck.
Maybe next time.

Went to the farmer's market and had the best peaches ever, then went back to Tom's.
Headed back to Tucson the next morning.
It was a fun trip.  Thanks for reading.

Poppies. Will. Make. Them. Sleep.